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Manage caller ID

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You can now choose what caller ID you see when someone calls your EasyRinger phone number.  With caller ID, you have two choices:

  1. Your EasyRinger number
  2. The calling number

“The calling number” is standard caller ID behavior.  When someone calls your EasyRinger number, the call forwards to your destination and you see the number of the person who is calling you.

“Your EasyRinger number” will show you when your EasyRinger number has been dialed.  This way, you can answer your phone in a particular way.  For example, if you’re starting a small business or running a test market, you probably want to choose this option.

For callbacks (where you use EasyRinger to call out), the person being called will either see your destination number (if you’ve selected “The calling number”) or your EasyRinger number.

The “Caller ID” user interface is very simple.  Just choose the option you want!


Ring multiple numbers at once

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Would you like to have your EasyRinger number forward to multiple destinations – all at one time?  This can be great if you need to have a high success rate for answering calls to your EasyRinger phone number.  Just log in to your subscription and use the “+” buttons to add additional destinations.  You can likewise remove destinations by using the “-” button. And,
changing your destination is a simple matter of removing your current destination and adding another.

We are supporting up to five destinations at once, and will experiment with more as needed.


With multiple destinations, first one wins:  The first destination to answer the call, takes the call.  The other numbers will automatically hang up.

Please note that there’s a slight increase in price per call for each addtional number to ring.  Ringing five additional numbers costs around an extra one and a half cents per call.

Have another feature that you’d like?  Please send us a message!

Customize your voicemail

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EasyRinger now lets you customize your voicemail to your liking.  You can even use text to change the message that your callers will hear.  EasyRinger uses an evolved text-to-speech engine that provides the most natural sounding response available.  Here’s a summary of the features that are available:
  • Enable or disable voicemail.  If you don’t like voicemail, just uncheck “Enable voicemail” and your number will ring until you answer.
  • Set the voicemail timeout.  Do you want voicemail to answer right away?  Set your timeout to “0”.  Or set it to something more standard, like 40 seconds.
  • Voicemail greeting:  Type a simple greeting in plain English (we are looking into supporting other languages) and that message will be read to your callers.
Have another feature that you’d like?  Please send us a message!

Callback billing records now show both legs of the call

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We have changed our billing system to show you both legs of a callback.  A callback is when you use the EasyRinger service to make an outgoing call using either the mobile app or the web UI.  To summarize, when you instruct the EasyRinger service to call a number, the service will first call your destination number, then, when you pick up, will dial the number you want to call and connect the two.

As a result, there are two legs of the call:  one from the service to you and the other from the service to the party you wish to call.  Previously, the EasyRinger billing system rolled these two legs into a single billing record.  Now, you will be able to see both and the status will show “callback” so that you can easily associate the two together.  This way, you’ll be able to see the charge for both legs of the call.

If you want more information, you can read more about callbacks in our original blog post here.

EasyRinger 2.0 is Here!

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Welcome to the new EasyRinger, aka EasyRinger 2.0!  You can’t imagine the excitement we have over this new release.  Although there are lots and lots and lots of new features, we’ll just focus on the two big and top-level important features available with this new release:
  • is now mobile-device-friendly.  Go to on any device and it will look great.  Small items will scale up on a mobile device.  Large items will scale down.  This includes both the public facing site as well as your subscription pages making it very easy to do normal tasks like update your destination, send SMS messages (more on that below), check your call records, and so on.
  • SMS is now supported!  Of course, this was the number-one requested feature and we’re happy to offer it now.  You can forward SMS messages to any destination number the same way that you forward calls.  You can also send outgoing SMS message by logging in and using the “Send SMS” button next to your number.

Signing up for EasyRinger and adding numbers to your subscription is pretty much the same, except you now can also see the capability of the phone number.


Access Callbacks from the Web

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Now you don’t have to have an Android phone or iPhone in order to use the callback feature. You now have that feature available from the website. Just log in to EasyRinger with your email address and password. As usual, you’ll see your phone number(s) right there in front of you. On the right, you used to only see the “Set Destination” and “Remove” links. Now, you’ll see “Callback” there as well:

A new Callback option

When you click on the “Callback” link, you’ll see a user interface pop up that is similar to the “Set Destination” interface:

Make a call with the EasyRinger callback service

All you need to do here is select the country where your number is located and then type in the phone number without the country code.  For example, for a USA number, you would type in the area code, then the seven-digit number.  The “1” is added by choosing “United States (+1)”.  Then, click the “Place callback” button.  A message will pop up that tells you that the EasyRinger automated callback service will first call you, then connect you to the number that you wish to call.  So stand by for an automated call from EasyRinger!

If you have multiple numbers, it matters which “Callback” link you click on.  After you enter the number you want to call and click “Place Callback”, the automated EasyRinger callback service will call your destination number corresponding to the “Callback” link’s row.  Your virtual number isn’t even used for callbacks – only your destination number and the number that you are calling.

EasyRinger now supports Paypal

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Want to use the world’s handiest online payment for EasyRinger?  EasyRinger now supports Paypal for signups and for additional calling credit.  Paypal is tightly integrated with our signup and on logged-in subscriber pages.


Android App 1.11 Released

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We’ve just released version 1.11 of our Android app.  It includes a few bug fixes, plus support for more Android devices, plus a sneak peak at the new UI for our big 2.0 revision due out in the next months.  The new look is more angular and simplified.  We hope you like it!

More ways to get extra numbers

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By popular request, we’ve added more ways for you to pick up additional numbers and add them to your EasyRinger subscription.  When you click on the “Numbers” button, you’ll see three sub-menus:

  • “My Phone Numbers” – this is the same screen that shows you the numbers that are currently assigned to your subscription.
  • “Add Numbers” – This is a new screen which allows you to choose another number in almost any location across Canada and the United States.  This gives you access to the same selection as when you signed up with EasyRinger.  Numbers are currently limited to the United States and Canada but international numbers is on the way.

Here’s a screenshot of the “Get More Numbers Screen”.  You can see that it works the same way as the signup page.  Choose your country, then region, then area code, then finally the number.  For the second step, just set your destination number, submit your request and your done.  Your number should be set up and ready to go right away.

iPhone App 1.1 Released

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We’re happy to announce the release of our mobile app, version 1.1, for iPhone.  With the release of the iPhone app, all of our supported platforms are now the same.  On to version 2.0!

Version 1.1 gives users the ability to:

  • Set your destination on the fly
  • Make a callback

There are also several fixes and stability improvements.  Users running iOS 7 can now successfully log on (can’t believe that iOS 7 broke this in our app still!).  We’re really happy to get this out the door.  We are now working on version 2.0 which will offer a lot of expanded functionality like:  purchasing additional numbers, easily viewing call rates, access to subscription info like your current credit, and more.

This is a new app and not an upgrade to the Call Me in China app.  So, all users, please uninstall the Call Me in China app and install this one.