Make it a local call for anyone back home to call you in china with crystal-clear quality!

How to Send an SMS Message

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You can now send SMS messages with EasyRinger.  First, log in to your subscription.  In the “Actions” to the right of your EasyRinger number, you’ll see a “Send SMS” button if your number supports SMS (older numbers do not support SMS).  Click on the “Send SMS” button and you’ll see the usual country select and phone number boxes.  Underneath that, you’ll see the box where you can type your message body.
When you click “Send” you’ll see a reminder message to let you know that your message will be queued immediately.
Not long after that (usually just a few seconds), the SMS should appear in your SMS history.

iPhone App Tips

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If you’ve had problems with the callback feature of the iPhone app, check this out.  The symptoms of the problem:  You try to either update your destination or make a call, but when you submit your request by pressing a button the wait cursor just spins and spins forever.  Or, as some users have reported, when they log in, their password fills in automatically – a wrong password.  Try this solution as well.

We’ll have this fixed in the next version of the app, but here’s how you can deal with this now:

  • With your iPhone connected to iTunes, uncheck the app and press sync (a notification will pop up say if you delete this you will lose all data) after it finishes syncing.
  • Sync your phone.
  • Re-check the app again and sync. It should start with blank data.

Android App Tips

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We’ve heard some complaints about not being able to use the functionality of the Android application.  The symptoms:  You try to either update your destination or make a call, but when you submit your request by pressing a button, you get just an empty little box that appears for a while and then goes away.

We’ll have this fixed in the next version of the app, but here’s how you can deal with this now:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings.
  2. Go to “Application manager” or “Applications”.
  3. Find the “CallMeInChina” app and click on it.
  4. Press the “Clear Data” button.

Clearing the app’s data will require you to log on again, which will establish a new authentication token and allow you to use the app.

For the next version, we’ll also give you a way to log off.  That’s a popular request.

Security Tip:  On another note, check out the second arrow at the bottom of the screen.  This is where you’ll see the app’s “Permissions” or what the CallMeInChina app is requesting that it be allowed to do.  As you can see, we require the minimum set of permissions:

  1. We need to read your contacts so that when you make a callback, you can raise your contacts and pick a number.
  2. We need network access, of course, so your app can communicate with the CallMeInChina/EasyRinger service.

Be careful of other applications that are requesting more permissions than they need.  Android is generally not as safe an operating system as Apple’s iOS, so you have to pay a little more attention.  You could download an application that is actually trying to do something malicious.  The permissions help you manage this.  If you see that an app is requesting very little permissions, or just enough permissions to accomplish it’s mission, then you can likely place more trust in it.  Watch out for apps that ask for all sorts of permissions that seem to be unrelated to the app’s purpose.  When in doubt, do some online research, ask around, and try to determine the reputation of the app.

How to use “Make a Call”

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Can you explain how to use “Make a Call”?

Sure thing.  Just tap on “Make a Call” to arrive at the Callback Screen. Here, you can type in the number that you want to call or you can tap the “Contacts” button to choose a contact.

Don’t forget: You need the proper country code in front of the phone number. For example, if you’re calling back to the USA or Canada, make sure that the number you’re calling begins with a “1”. If you’re calling Italy, make sure that the number begins with a “39” and so on.

Once you are ready, type “Call”. You should eventually see a message pop up telling you to expect a call!

I’m trying to make a call.  Why should I expect a call?

Well, that’s why we call them “callbacks” – you are being called back by the Call Me in China service.

To avoid expensive international fees, the Call Me in China service calls you first. Then, when you answer, the service will connect you to the number that you want to call. It usually takes anywhere from 2-5 seconds for your phone to start ringing. Once it does, you’re on your way to talking with your friends, family, and customers back home.

Fees for calling back are not the same as calling to China or Hong Kong.  They are also subject to competitive rates in your local country.  Please check our FAQ for rate information where you can even check for the rates for specific numbers.

Where do I get the app?

Just go to the Google Play Store and search for “Call Me in China”.  If you are having internet blocking problems in China, then try downloading the app directly from the Call Me in China homepage (click on the “Mobile” link at the bottom).  Be sure that your Security settings allow you to download and install non-Market apps (go to Settings -> Security and search for “Unknown Sources”).

More Information

Visit our announcement blog post.

Refer friends

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Refer your friends and associates to Call Me in China and earn $10 in Calling Credit for each signup!  When you send out an invitation to any of your contacts and they sign up through the link provided in the sample email (don’t change the link or you won’t get credit!) then Call Me in China will credit your subscription $10.  This is a great way to earn plenty of extra talk time with Call Me in China – $10 can go a long way.

You can access the “Refer Friends” page when you log in to your subscription.  Take a look at the image – just click on the “Refer Friends” button and Call Me in China will generate a sample email for you.  All you have to do is add your friends contact email.  You are welcome to change the email text if you want, just don’t change the link (“Here’s the link…”)!

You can also access the “Refer Friends” from the footer menu on the home page.

You are welcome to sign up as many friends and contacts as you want; there is no limit to how much credit you can earn!

Leaving China for a while?

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Leaving China for an extended period? Consider suspending your subscription.

For the numerous visitors to China who leave the country for more than a month or two at a time, and don’t need continued calling service to China, consider suspending your subscription. By suspending your subscription, you continue to hold your Call Me in China number, but you pay a lower rate for it. Just contact support and let an agent know the dates that you’ll be leaving and when you’ll be returning and we’ll suspend the number for you. The number will automatically be unsuspended for you according to your preferred date and you’ll again be able to make cheap calls to China.

Your Coupon History

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You can now log in to your subscription and see the history of coupons and promotions that were applied to your subscription.  Once logged in, click on the “Billing” button on the left.  Then, you can choose the “Coupons” tab.  On the “Coupons” tab, you can apply coupons as well as see the history of coupons and promotions that were applied to your subscription.

Forward Calls to the US and Canada

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For those of you who have phones in the United States or Canada, you can forward your Call Me in China number to any phone in the USA or Canada. This is great if you’re visiting one of these countries for a short duration and don’t want to give special calling instructions to folks while you’re traveling. Just log in to your subscription. Where you see your Call Me in China numbers, you can update the destination by clicking the “Edit Destination” link. In the dialog that follows, you can select the country code for the USA and Canada, “1”, from the select box. Enter your desired destination and you’re all set.

Need an invoice?

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We’ve recently had a few folks ask us to provide invoices for various reason (their own record keeping and submitting for reimbursement, for example).

We are happy to let everyone know that you can now download an invoice for each of your Call Me in China credit card transactions.  Just log into your subscription and click on the billing tab.  On the far right side of the table is a link to a printable PDF file that you can download and/or print out.

Download a printable invoice for all your Call Me in China transations

Ringing and Busy Signals

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One of the most common problems that people report to our support team is that their friends, family, or customers complain that it’s difficult to connect calls; the phone just rings and rings.  Do you know what the number on cause of this is (besides not being available, of course)?

You’re already on the phone!

A system like Call Me in China, which uses a variety of different technologies to achieve a low-cost high quality connection between your home country and China.  Assembling this connection when you make a call is complex.  Each component has to basically connect to the next, which makes creating that connection sometimes fairly slow.  So, your caller may have already heard a ring or two by the time you hear your first ring.

For similar reasons, if you happen to already be on the phone, the line will simply continue to ring instead of resulting in a busy signal.  To be fair, after several rings, the service will report to the caller that the party isn’t answering the phone call.

We are working on improving this experience for our users.  In the meantime, just wait a while and try again.

If you do get non-stop and instant busy signals, this is a sign that something is wrong.  Though rare, this does happen sometimes.  Please let us know right away; it’s usually an easy fix!