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Access Callbacks from the Web

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Now you don’t have to have an Android phone or iPhone in order to use the callback feature. You now have that feature available from the website. Just log in to EasyRinger with your email address and password. As usual, you’ll see your phone number(s) right there in front of you. On the right, you used to only see the “Set Destination” and “Remove” links. Now, you’ll see “Callback” there as well:

A new Callback option

When you click on the “Callback” link, you’ll see a user interface pop up that is similar to the “Set Destination” interface:

Make a call with the EasyRinger callback service

All you need to do here is select the country where your number is located and then type in the phone number without the country code.  For example, for a USA number, you would type in the area code, then the seven-digit number.  The “1” is added by choosing “United States (+1)”.  Then, click the “Place callback” button.  A message will pop up that tells you that the EasyRinger automated callback service will first call you, then connect you to the number that you wish to call.  So stand by for an automated call from EasyRinger!

If you have multiple numbers, it matters which “Callback” link you click on.  After you enter the number you want to call and click “Place Callback”, the automated EasyRinger callback service will call your destination number corresponding to the “Callback” link’s row.  Your virtual number isn’t even used for callbacks – only your destination number and the number that you are calling.