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Are you interested in privacy?

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EasyRinger is a great option if you want to keep your real number private. It’s more expensive to switch out a real number with a SIM card or one tied to a contract, but it’s easy to switch out an EasyRinger number. To keep your number 100% private, make sure you set your voice options to look like this:

The most important option here is the second one, “When I calld, show people who answer my call…”. If you set this to “This EasyRinger Number”, then people you call will always see your EasyRinger number and not your personal number that is handling the call.

Likewise, give people and organizations your EasyRinger number rather than your personal number. If you want to know when someone has dialed your EasyRinger number rather than your personal number, be sure to set the “When someone calls my number show me…” option to “This EasyRinger number”. This way, you’ll know that someone is trying to reach you on your EasyRinger number.

What happens if you start getting too many unwanted calls on your number? You have two options: