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CallMeInChina Mobile App for Android is Now Available!

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What’s the big news?

We are excited to announce the release of the Call Me In China app for Android!  This is our very first release of a mobile app and we are sure that you’ll like it.  First of all, the app is free for Call Me in China customers.  And, it gives you two useful features:

  • Set your Destination – You can now change your destination number from the palm of your hand.  No need to log in to the website and do it there.
  • Callbacks!  – You can now call back to your home country with the Call Me in China Service!  This is a feature that many people have asked for and we’re now happy to provide it to you*.

What about the iPhone?

The iPhone app is on it’s way!  Look for an announcement soon.

Where do I get the app?

Just go to the Google Play Store and search for “Call Me in China”.  If you are having internet blocking problems in China, then try downloading the app directly from the Call Me in China homepage (click on the “Mobile” link at the bottom).  Be sure that your Security settings allow you to download and install non-Market apps (go to Settings -> Security and search for “Unknown Sources”).

How do I use the app?

Though the app is very simple, we’d like to tell you what to expect when using – especially for the callback feature.  Callbacks may seem a little confusing at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll enjoy it.
You’ll need to have an internet connection.  It doesn’t need to be super fast, but the app does have to communicate with the Call Me in China service over the internet. First off, when you start the application, you’ll have to sign in, as usual.  You only need to sign in once; the app will remember who you are.
After logging in, you’ll arrive at the Overview Screen which shows you your Call Me in China numbers and your destinations.  If you have more than one Call Me in China number, you can swipe to the right to see your additional numbers and destinations. At the bottom of the Overview Screen are two important buttons:  Set Destination and Make a Call.

Setting Your Destination

Setting your destination is easy.  Just tap on the Set Destination button and go to the set destination screen.  Here you can choose your country code and then type in your phone number.  You only need to type digits – no parentheses, plus signs, or periods are needed.


Want to finally call back to your home country showing your virtual number on caller ID?  Just tap on “Make a Call” to arrive at the Callback Screen.  Here, you can type in the number that you want to call or you can tap the “Contacts”  button to choose a contact.Don’t forget:  You need the proper country code in front of the phone number.  For example, if you’re calling back to the USA or Canada, make sure that the number you’re calling begins with a “1”.  If you’re calling Italy, make sure that the number begins with a “39” and so on. Once you are ready, type “Call”.  You should eventually see a message pop up telling you to expect a call!  That’s right – the Call Me in China service will call you.  What’s going on?  Read on…

What’s happening when I make a call?

Well, that’s why we call them “callbacks” – you are being called back by the Call Me in China service.  To avoid expensive international fees, the Call Me in China service calls you first.  Then, when you answer, it will connect you to the number that you want to call.  It usually takes anywhere from 2-5 seconds for your phone to start ringing.  Once it does, you’re on your way to talking with your friends, family, and customers back home.
* Fees for calling back are not the same as calling to China or Hong Kong.  They are also subject to competitive rates in your local country.  Please check our FAQ for rate information where you can even check for the rates for specific numbers.