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Busy Signals?

Posted in News, Techie

We’ve had some reports of an increased amount of busy signals with the Call Me in China service.  We’ve noticed this too.  Why is this happening?  Well, for the second part of December 2010through January of 2011 (yep, through the holidays!), we’ve been looking into ways to improve the service – specifically, to reduce delay and echo.

Much of this effort involves testing out different providers who help to make Call Me in China work.  There are many pieces in the chain involved that we manage in order to make the service as simple to use as possible.  And, it’s our responsibility to find that sweet spot of great overall service.  Sometimes, we may switch out one service in one area, then later try another service in another area, mixing and matching and testing how well everything works together, which pieces play well together and which ones do not.  Most of the testing now involves various number providers and SIP providers.

Good news is that thanks to your support feedback, we’ve narrowed down the issue and are taking steps to fix it.  Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll never hear another busy signal again, but they should be greatly reduced.  We’ll keep you up to date on our progress here so stay tuned.

Also remember, if you do get a busy signal, sometimes just an immediate call back to the same number will allow you to connect – be sure to pass this tip on to folks on the other side of the world who are trying to call you.

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