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Call Me in China Mobile App for iPhone

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We are excited to announce the release of the Call Me In China app for the iPhone! The app is free to use with a subscription to a Call Me In China virtual number.

The app further extends the Call Me In China service offering these useful features:

  1. Set your Destination – You can now change your destination number from the palm of your hand. No need to log in to the website and do it there.
  2. Callbacks! – You can now call back to your home country with the Call Me in China service and have your virtual number show up on the caller ID! This is a feature that many people have asked for and we’re now happy to provide it to you*.

For more detailed information, review the Android app announcement. Both apps have the same features.

* Fees for calling back are not the same as calling to China or Hong Kong. They are also subject to competitive rates in your local country. Please check our FAQ for rate information where you can even check for the rates for specific numbers.