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Customize your voicemail

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EasyRinger now lets you customize your voicemail to your liking.  You can even use text to change the message that your callers will hear.  EasyRinger uses an evolved text-to-speech engine that provides the most natural sounding response available.  Here’s a summary of the features that are available:
  • Enable or disable voicemail.  If you don’t like voicemail, just uncheck “Enable voicemail” and your number will ring until you answer.
  • Set the voicemail timeout.  Do you want voicemail to answer right away?  Set your timeout to “0”.  Or set it to something more standard, like 40 seconds.
  • Voicemail greeting:  Type a simple greeting in plain English (we are looking into supporting other languages) and that message will be read to your callers.
Have another feature that you’d like?  Please send us a message!