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EasyRinger 2.0 is Here!

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Welcome to the new EasyRinger, aka EasyRinger 2.0!  You can’t imagine the excitement we have over this new release.  Although there are lots and lots and lots of new features, we’ll just focus on the two big and top-level important features available with this new release:
  • is now mobile-device-friendly.  Go to on any device and it will look great.  Small items will scale up on a mobile device.  Large items will scale down.  This includes both the public facing site as well as your subscription pages making it very easy to do normal tasks like update your destination, send SMS messages (more on that below), check your call records, and so on.
  • SMS is now supported!  Of course, this was the number-one requested feature and we’re happy to offer it now.  You can forward SMS messages to any destination number the same way that you forward calls.  You can also send outgoing SMS message by logging in and using the “Send SMS” button next to your number.

Signing up for EasyRinger and adding numbers to your subscription is pretty much the same, except you now can also see the capability of the phone number.