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iPhone App 1.1 Released

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We’re happy to announce the release of our mobile app, version 1.1, for iPhone.  With the release of the iPhone app, all of our supported platforms are now the same.  On to version 2.0!

Version 1.1 gives users the ability to:

  • Set your destination on the fly
  • Make a callback

There are also several fixes and stability improvements.  Users running iOS 7 can now successfully log on (can’t believe that iOS 7 broke this in our app still!).  We’re really happy to get this out the door.  We are now working on version 2.0 which will offer a lot of expanded functionality like:  purchasing additional numbers, easily viewing call rates, access to subscription info like your current credit, and more.

This is a new app and not an upgrade to the Call Me in China app.  So, all users, please uninstall the Call Me in China app and install this one.