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Microsoft buys Skype

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Most everyone has heard the news now:  Microsoft is buying Skype.  We’ll save the business and financial analysis to the various articles that are covering this hot topic, but it does give Call Me in China the opportunity to answer a common question for everyone:  How is Call Me in China different from Skype? It’s true that the two services are similar, but Call Me in China is a simpler and more streamlined service.  Well, let’s highlight the three main differences:

  1. Call Me in China is designed to work exclusively from phone to phone, no computers involved which makes the Call Me in China setup much simpler.
  2. Call Me in China is optimized for calls from North America and Europe to China.  Although the tests are not scientific, calls to China generally sound better going through Call Me in China rather than Skype.
  3. Call Me in China has better support.  That’s one of the benefits of a small and focused service:  we can afford to provide personal service to our customers.  So, if you have a problem, support is a single click away.  You’ve got to dig pretty deep with Skype.

Of course, the biggest bonuses of Skype is that you can make free video calls computer to computer and between mobile devices with ubiquitous wireless networks and high speed data plans.  For computer to computer, that’s a no-brainer.  If you and your family/friends/customers are seated at your computers, Skype is the way to go.  But in China, when you’re on the move out on the town visiting friends, shopping, having dinner, singing karaoke, or visiting customers and factories, a reliable phone services is the way to go.  Yeah, go Call Me in China!  😀