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More ways to get extra numbers

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By popular request, we’ve added more ways for you to pick up additional numbers and add them to your EasyRinger subscription.  When you click on the “Numbers” button, you’ll see three sub-menus:

  • “My Phone Numbers” – this is the same screen that shows you the numbers that are currently assigned to your subscription.
  • “Add Numbers” – This is a new screen which allows you to choose another number in almost any location across Canada and the United States.  This gives you access to the same selection as when you signed up with EasyRinger.  Numbers are currently limited to the United States and Canada but international numbers is on the way.

Here’s a screenshot of the “Get More Numbers Screen”.  You can see that it works the same way as the signup page.  Choose your country, then region, then area code, then finally the number.  For the second step, just set your destination number, submit your request and your done.  Your number should be set up and ready to go right away.