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Now Serving Taiwan and Macau

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We are excited to announce that Call Me In China can now forward calls into Taiwan and Macau in addition to China and Hong Kong. Up until now, we have offered virtual phone numbers in many countries and route those calls to you in China and Hong Kong.  Today we announce that we can now also offer that same service optimized for calls to Taiwan and Macau as well.

If you are a business owner in Taiwan or Macau who wants to expand into foreign markets, this is a great way to give your buyers a customer service number that is a local call for them.  Even if you answer the call in New Taipei, your customer will feel that help is nearby.

If you are planning a trip or extended stay in Taiwan or Macau, you now have the ability to offer your family and friends an easy number for them to call to keep up with you while you’re away.

We are excited to announce this new service area extension and look forward to keeping you connected.