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Refer friends

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Refer your friends and associates to Call Me in China and earn $10 in Calling Credit for each signup!  When you send out an invitation to any of your contacts and they sign up through the link provided in the sample email (don’t change the link or you won’t get credit!) then Call Me in China will credit your subscription $10.  This is a great way to earn plenty of extra talk time with Call Me in China – $10 can go a long way.

You can access the “Refer Friends” page when you log in to your subscription.  Take a look at the image – just click on the “Refer Friends” button and Call Me in China will generate a sample email for you.  All you have to do is add your friends contact email.  You are welcome to change the email text if you want, just don’t change the link (“Here’s the link…”)!

You can also access the “Refer Friends” from the footer menu on the home page.

You are welcome to sign up as many friends and contacts as you want; there is no limit to how much credit you can earn!