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Ring multiple numbers at once

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Would you like to have your EasyRinger number forward to multiple destinations – all at one time?  This can be great if you need to have a high success rate for answering calls to your EasyRinger phone number.  Just log in to your subscription and use the “+” buttons to add additional destinations.  You can likewise remove destinations by using the “-” button. And,
changing your destination is a simple matter of removing your current destination and adding another.


We are supporting up to five destinations at once, and will experiment with more as needed.


With multiple destinations, first one wins:  The first destination to answer the call, takes the call.  The other numbers will automatically hang up.


Please note that there’s a slight increase in price per call for each addtional number to ring.  Ringing five additional numbers costs around an extra one and a half cents per call.


Have another feature that you’d like?  Please send us a message!