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Ringing and Busy Signals

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One of the most common problems that people report to our support team is that their friends, family, or customers complain that it’s difficult to connect calls; the phone just rings and rings.  Do you know what the number on cause of this is (besides not being available, of course)?

You’re already on the phone!

A system like Call Me in China, which uses a variety of different technologies to achieve a low-cost high quality connection between your home country and China.  Assembling this connection when you make a call is complex.  Each component has to basically connect to the next, which makes creating that connection sometimes fairly slow.  So, your caller may have already heard a ring or two by the time you hear your first ring.

For similar reasons, if you happen to already be on the phone, the line will simply continue to ring instead of resulting in a busy signal.  To be fair, after several rings, the service will report to the caller that the party isn’t answering the phone call.

We are working on improving this experience for our users.  In the meantime, just wait a while and try again.

If you do get non-stop and instant busy signals, this is a sign that something is wrong.  Though rare, this does happen sometimes.  Please let us know right away; it’s usually an easy fix!