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Voicemail is now available

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You may have noticed voicemail from CallMeInChina!  We quietly rolled that out a few months ago as a standard part of our service.

Automatic Voicemail:

The voicemail service will automatically pick up an unanswered call after thirty to forty seconds and your party will be directed to leave a message for you.  As soon as the message is left, we’ll send you an email notification with the voicemail attached as an mp3 file.

Direct Your Calls to Voicemail:

You can also direct the service to ring straight to voicemail by changing your destination prefix to “Voicemail” as shown in the image below.  After logging in on the website, click on the “Edit” link to get the “New Destination” dialog box, select “Voicemail”, then click “Save”.

Your number will then show that calls are being directed to voicemail by showing “Voicemail” followed by your number between parentheses in the “Destination Number” column:

To take calls again, simply change your destination prefix back to the country of your choosing.