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Want a number from a country that’s not on our homepage?

Posted in Tips

We’ve had some requests for other countries outside of our list.  As of now, you can select a number from the following countries:  USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Poland, and Brazil.

However, we try to accommodate people as best we can. For example, we’ve recently had folks request and sign up for numbers in Holland and Mexico. So, feel free to ask if you can have a number in whatever country you want!

Of course, numbers in different countries vary quite a bit.  Numbers in Germany are hard to acquire since the government needs proof of residency.  No problem, if you’re a German!  Also, the price of numbers vary as well.  Holland is pricey (nearly $12) where Mexico is relatively cheap (about $5).

And, if you’re an existing customer, feel free to make a request!  You can have multiple numbers from several different countries on your account each pointing to your mobile in China.  Handy indeed!