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Android App Tips

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We’ve heard some complaints about not being able to use the functionality of the Android application.  The symptoms:  You try to either update your destination or make a call, but when you submit your request by pressing a button, you get just an empty little box that appears for a while and then goes away.

We’ll have this fixed in the next version of the app, but here’s how you can deal with this now:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings.
  2. Go to “Application manager” or “Applications”.
  3. Find the “CallMeInChina” app and click on it.
  4. Press the “Clear Data” button.

Clearing the app’s data will require you to log on again, which will establish a new authentication token and allow you to use the app.

For the next version, we’ll also give you a way to log off.  That’s a popular request.

Security Tip:  On another note, check out the second arrow at the bottom of the screen.  This is where you’ll see the app’s “Permissions” or what the CallMeInChina app is requesting that it be allowed to do.  As you can see, we require the minimum set of permissions:

  1. We need to read your contacts so that when you make a callback, you can raise your contacts and pick a number.
  2. We need network access, of course, so your app can communicate with the CallMeInChina/EasyRinger service.

Be careful of other applications that are requesting more permissions than they need.  Android is generally not as safe an operating system as Apple’s iOS, so you have to pay a little more attention.  You could download an application that is actually trying to do something malicious.  The permissions help you manage this.  If you see that an app is requesting very little permissions, or just enough permissions to accomplish it’s mission, then you can likely place more trust in it.  Watch out for apps that ask for all sorts of permissions that seem to be unrelated to the app’s purpose.  When in doubt, do some online research, ask around, and try to determine the reputation of the app.

Rates drop to China and Hong Kong

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We’ve got some great news: Rates to China and Hong Kong have dropped! As you may recall, there was a sharp increase in rates to China a few months ago. Well, we’re really happy to be delivering this bit of good news. Of course, there’s no guarantee that they will continue to drop or even stay steady, but we’ll take the good news when when we can get it.

Also, as part of the transition to the global service offered by our new service, EasyRinger, there are now thousands of rates to monitor. Notifications of price changes will become increasingly difficult so please use our FAQ often to check rates. For now, we’ll try to pay special attention to China and Hong Kong and let you know when there are significant rate changes.

Thanks so much for being a member and enjoy the new lower rates!

CallMeInChina will soon be EasyRinger

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Here’s some really big news: CallMeInChina is going worldwide! And, we are  therefore changing our name. CallMeInChina will soon become EasyRinger. We will expand beyond just China, Hong Kong, and select areas in the region. We are excited to be offering worldwide service to our customers. You can soon take your phone number anywhere with you worldwide, anywhere that you have phone service.

More good news is that our service will work exactly the same for all the new countries that we’ll support. And, of course, our service will continue to provide the focused clarity and low cost to China; none of that will change. You can visit our FAQ page to see which countries that we support.

The mobile apps will continue to work exactly the same although you will probably notice that they will still sport the CallMeInChina graphics. That will change with the newest release of our mobile apps which will expand the functionality and fix bugs as well.

Other changes to the service will be appearing incrementally over the next couple of weeks.

We are very excited about this next phase!  We look forward to helping new customers who are long term or regular visitors to other countries stay in close contact with their friends, family, and customers as well.  And, of course, our original China and Hong Kong customers will remain extra special to all of us here – you were with us from the beginning!

Stay tuned for more announcements and special offerings as we begin these changes.

Voicemail is now available

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You may have noticed voicemail from CallMeInChina!  We quietly rolled that out a few months ago as a standard part of our service.

Automatic Voicemail:

The voicemail service will automatically pick up an unanswered call after thirty to forty seconds and your party will be directed to leave a message for you.  As soon as the message is left, we’ll send you an email notification with the voicemail attached as an mp3 file.

Direct Your Calls to Voicemail:

You can also direct the service to ring straight to voicemail by changing your destination prefix to “Voicemail” as shown in the image below.  After logging in on the website, click on the “Edit” link to get the “New Destination” dialog box, select “Voicemail”, then click “Save”:

Your number will then show that calls are being directed to voicemail by showing “Voicemail” followed by your number between parentheses in the “Destination Number” column:

To take calls again, simply change your destination prefix back to the country of your choosing:

Rate drop to Hong Kong

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Good news!  To temper the rise in rates to China, we’ve been able to squeeze out a little more value for our customers in Hong Kong.  Starting April 1st, our rates to Hong Kong are now below $0.03!

Rate increase to China

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Oh no!  We are sorry to announce that starting April 1st, our rates to China will be increasing.

Calls to China have been steadily increasing over the past six months, mostly due to increased regulation and taxes. We have done our best to absorb these costs, but they have increased rather dramatically in the past two months. China is still relatively competitive compared to many other destinations, fortunately, but they are increasing. The new monthly rate to China will be $0.058. These rates will go into effect on April 1st, 2013. We hope this will not discourage you from remaining in contact with your friends, family, and customers!

Hong Kong rates will fortunately not change. Remember, you can always visit our FAQ page for our rates.

Discounted Phone Numbers for CallMeInChina Customers

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As part of our celebrating the “Year of the Snake”, we’ve got a special offer for all CallMeInChina members:  Discounted phone numbers in the US and Canada!

If you were thinking of getting a second number or subscription, perhaps as a way to stay in touch with a dedicated family member, friend, or customer, now is the perfect time.

Just log into your subscription and, underneath your CallMeInChina number, you’ll see several new numbers in various regions available to add to your subscription.

Assigning a new number to your subscription is easy

  • Select the number and click “Submit”.

The number will be prorated based on the day of the month you signed up with CallMeInChina and will be ready to go as soon as you set the destination.

These numbers are the same high quality as what you are currently using.  We are trying to clear out some inventory and thought our customers might want to take advantage of deep discounts.  The prices for these numbers are permanent, but we won’t offer them forever, so take advantage now!

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us at support at our domain dot com.

Now Serving Taiwan and Macau

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We are excited to announce that Call Me In China can now forward calls into Taiwan and Macau in addition to China and Hong Kong. Up until now, we have offered virtual phone numbers in many countries and route those calls to you in China and Hong Kong.  Today we announce that we can now also offer that same service optimized for calls to Taiwan and Macau as well.

If you are a business owner in Taiwan or Macau who wants to expand into foreign markets, this is a great way to give your buyers a customer service number that is a local call for them.  Even if you answer the call in New Taipei, your customer will feel that help is nearby.

If you are planning a trip or extended stay in Taiwan or Macau, you now have the ability to offer your family and friends an easy number for them to call to keep up with you while you’re away.

We are excited to announce this new service area extension and look forward to keeping you connected.


Community Volunteering Day 2012

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On Friday of last week, we initiated the 1st Annual Call Me In China Community Volunteering Day!  During this celebration, the company management team all spent the day volunteering in their communities.  Because we are team distributed around the world, we decided to volunteer in our local communities while co-supporting each other via text and email.

By all reports, our first Community Volunteering Day was a success.  In fact, the team is looking to bump up the event to twice yearly.

We know that we only play one role among many in our community.  We are grateful for all the customers, vendors, partners, employees and their families who contribute to making Call Me In China happen.  Thanks for being a part of the Call Me In China community!

How to use “Make a Call”

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Can you explain how to use “Make a Call”?

Sure thing.  Just tap on “Make a Call” to arrive at the Callback Screen. Here, you can type in the number that you want to call or you can tap the “Contacts” button to choose a contact.

Don’t forget: You need the proper country code in front of the phone number. For example, if you’re calling back to the USA or Canada, make sure that the number you’re calling begins with a “1”. If you’re calling Italy, make sure that the number begins with a “39” and so on.

Once you are ready, type “Call”. You should eventually see a message pop up telling you to expect a call!

I’m trying to make a call.  Why should I expect a call?

Well, that’s why we call them “callbacks” – you are being called back by the Call Me in China service.

To avoid expensive international fees, the Call Me in China service calls you first. Then, when you answer, the service will connect you to the number that you want to call. It usually takes anywhere from 2-5 seconds for your phone to start ringing. Once it does, you’re on your way to talking with your friends, family, and customers back home.

Fees for calling back are not the same as calling to China or Hong Kong.  They are also subject to competitive rates in your local country.  Please check our FAQ for rate information where you can even check for the rates for specific numbers.

Where do I get the app?

Just go to the Google Play Store and search for “Call Me in China”.  If you are having internet blocking problems in China, then try downloading the app directly from the Call Me in China homepage (click on the “Mobile” link at the bottom).  Be sure that your Security settings allow you to download and install non-Market apps (go to Settings -> Security and search for “Unknown Sources”).

More Information

Visit our announcement blog post.